Share Your Photographs

I have taken some new pictures recently.

here it is a serie of skies:

and some views from my backyard.

these are public Facebook links so you don’t need to be a Facebook user or a friend of mine in order to see them.

a few pictures of spring in norway

tree sperm ^_^

Awesome :D

Didn’t get to process the photos yet, but since youtube is lacking this tune I made this quick little something/nothing.

Yummie! :D


meh! but I as uploader of that video can still listen to it, so I’ll leave it up anyway heh.

I posted the fly elsewhere already, so here’s a pretty flower instead.

this is just disgusting haha, I can’t even look at it for long. my love for insects stops about there.

Some amazing photos here guys. I’m really impressed. I might get back into photographs myself. Been itching to photograph powerlines and power equipment. I’ll link back if I have anything worthy.

this thread is lacking photos! if it’s worthy enough for someone to keep and upload it somewhere, it’s worthy to be posted here. just a general thought ^_^

I’m invisible.

Check out the full set here: - I’ll be adding to these as I go, whenever I get inspired.

Backyard of my home town

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Here’s a couple new ones…

You can check out some more at either Flickr or Devart.

Was visited by this friendly young chap today:


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For shame! Let’s go!

Turns out Discourse supports good old [img][/img] tags btw :slight_smile:

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