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I purchased a digital camera in 1999 (yes almost 10 years ago) and it was just shy one 1 megapixel. I have been saying for years I want to purchase a new one because I have always enjoyed taking photos, composition, etc.

I started researching the Fuji s700 more than a year ago because of it’s 10x optical zoom and it produces very acceptable video for a digital camera. I put this purchase on the back burner and recently found one at my local walmart for only $138!!! This camera is 7.1 megapixels, awesome zoom, tons of manual options, without paying the price of a DSLR.

For $200 I was able to purchase the camera, high capacity NIMH batteries/charger, and a tripod essential when zooming.

I started a flickr account.

Please feel free to share photos you have taken. I am very new to manually setting exposure, shudder speed, etc. but I feel my first two set of pictures have come out really well.


My photos

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That is a nice place to be trepain! Wish we had weather like that now… :(
Nice pictures too, but try to keep the horizon line straight. ;)

Here’s my Flickr page:
Not strictly photography by the way…

That totally slipped past me! Edited it and reuploaded. Thanks for pointing that out. How embarrassing.

I made sure on many of my others and went through so many pictures this morning that I didn’t see this one.

[quote=“Maskin, post:2, topic:23575”]
That is a nice place to be trepain! Wish we had weather like that now… :(
Nice pictures too, but try to keep the horizon line straight. ;)


I guess you like the work of Andreas Gursky? ^_^


I stayed in Rotterdam for two weeks in 2006. Behind the central station? Someone’s appartment. This project. My gf was doing the art, I was doing the sidekick.

OMFGGGG i have exactly the same dog!!!

:D now I need a picture

Wait, what… You live near Rotterdam?!

edit: and when were YOU in Rotterdam, Connor? Kubuswoning, Potlood, my fooking backyard :D

Nice work, I’ve never used HDR myself but you’ve got some great results there. Already posted most of my pics here before, but you can also access them here:

Maskin - The weather here in South Florida (about an hour from Miami) is very nice. I am not very excited about the humidity, but you take the good with the bad. At least I don’t have to worry about shoveling snow or anything like that.

I would love to have a full day with all of those keyboards on your flickr page!!

conner_Bw - Loved the clusters theme. Very unusual idea. Never would have thought to have group objects like that.

It-Alien - very sweet dog! She looks under the influence however. Would that be some kind of contact high?

Bantai - fantastic poses in your photos. Could not have been more perfect.

Bytesmasher - central auto is pretty wicked. Is that close to where you live? Maille is badass! Where is that cave? Can you go inside and take pictures? Would be really great to see.

I have an idea. This might be really stupid, not sure. Somebody take a really cool ass picture. Maybe start it in some kind of forum. And then you give choices where to go. Remember the old text adventures like Zork/Amazon/Leather Goddesses of Phobos? Ok I am showing my age…

Anyways… 1. take photo - post results - then let others vote where to go from there. It would be like some voyeuristic way to explore, but some far away place and you are using someone elses camera as the vehicle to these places/images? Good idea or totally stupid? Might be interesting.

Turn based games, turned base photographer of sorts? Just something I thought of…

Achenar - The macro caterpillar is really awesome! I have not been able to successfully take a worthwhile image of an insect yet. I have taken macro of some inanimate objects that came out well, but having difficulty with live animals. I would like to take some super close up of ants. Nice!!

The dead bat is wild too. Really morbid, but cool. The last photo in the second set of the tree stump reminds me of a bird with it’s wing extended out. REALLY terrific how nature forms objects.

Your photos are amazing. Bookmarked the page. If I achieve just a portion of your photography abilities I will be satisfied.

The “cave” is potentially too small to fit my hand in :P … “cave” was just a convenient title ;) … and Central Auto is about 8km from my apartment.

Decided to bump this old thread. I am still using the same camera and have been spending many hours each week taking pictures in my free time.

Mainly nature related.

Check out the new photos -

or flickr -


A foggy view from my window. Not the beautiful bright red dog shit bin slap bang in the middle of shot.

I love these Panoramic (??) photographs. How do you make them?