Share Your Photographs

how perfect are you now, you fuckin barbie :yeah:

my dodgy attempt at stitching together a panorama from a bushwalk to “Wollangambe Crater” in the Blue Mountains with my friend Rodney (featured). We saw this pagoda halfway through the walk and felt the urge to climb it… and were rewarded with a full 360 degree view for miles and miles in every direction

This is the crater from above…

Sorry for breaking the forum with such a wide photo :ph34r:




Not my photos, but a friend of mine’s… Normally unseen urban environments mainly.

I’m in a few of the pics though :)

Love this thread…johann, your worm/caterpillar ones are wicked.

Thanks! Actually a friend told me about it a day earlier, but I wasn’t in the mood to check it out slaps forehead Must be the only tree in the area they can eat? They gnawed it clean like piranhas :panic:

Uhh, that isn’t really visible in the pics (it’s not a tree, a big bush like thing)… but they are all on one plant. I have some more:

a few leaves escaped!

I wonder how many will make it…

I wonder how long it takes for them to become butterflies? Should be a CRAZY photo opportunity!! I’ll have to check it out.

Wow Johann, this is now your own photo page hehe… I really like the black and white caterpillar ones… and most of the urban shots… that’s my kind of photography…

here are some of mine:

wow, bantai and jbl! and everybody else, get posting! :D

I really really need to get the sensor cleaned… I’ll have to try to remove the harshest spots, these pics aren’t edited yet except contrast, but since the URL won’t change I’ll post anyway… (besides, I doubt I can salvage much, at least not until the allmighty Bibble 5 arrives).

(notice the very thin blueish thread between them? haha!)

You can see more at my flickr page. Link on topic start.

The above are recent.