Sharing a configuration across machines

I have two machines - my music machine at home, and my work machine I take with me on the road.

Does anyone have suggestions for sharing configurations across multiple machines? Specifically I want to share my layouts, keyboard shortcuts, and tools. I don’t care about plugins…

I’m thinking I can put relevant files / folders in Dropbox and symlink them to where they’re supposed to go… but I don’t know what those files and folders are.

If anyone has done this successfully and has a recipe, please share :slight_smile:

Renoise > Main Menu > Help > Show the Preferences Folder

You could symlink that whole folder for convenience, but the important files/folders are:

  • KeyBindings.xml
  • Config.xml
  • Scripts/
    One important thing to consider… If your audio interface settings differ on both machines (as they probably do), then your Config.xml will be constantly overwritten each time you use a different machine (this will happen anyway, but now it will be changing the audio settings each time). This may drive you crazy, or the default settings may be just fine. Difficult to say for sure.

Ah that makes sense. Key bindings and tools are the main thing. I’ll give it a shot and report back!

Cool, I did KeyBindings.xml and Scripts from the Renoise preferences folder, plus the User Library, and it’s all good!

Thanks dblue!

This may or may not apply to your situation, but I wrote a tool that would load and execute Lua code based on a song title (as set in the comments).

I wrote it because I would work on songs on different machines, and the MIDI details varied. With my code I was able to get MIDI assignments set automatically.

There are things, however, that cannot be altered via code, such as the Renoise OSC port.

For many things, however, I’ve found that once my config settings are OK I rarely change them.

So, using shared config.xml, keybindings, etc would make it easier when moving to brand new machine, but the benefit is really only on that first usage. I’ve found that it’s overall easier to just copy over the config stuff if I’m setting up anew machine rather than arrange for symlinking and sharing (though I do share other Renoise things using SpiderOak, or ownCloud, or git).