Sharing instruments of JD-Xi drum samples?

Hi there,

I am in the process of sampling all drum kits of Roland’s JD-Xi synthesizer. I am creating SFZ of all of them to be easily be loaded as keyzones into Renoise/Redux.

My question now is, whether I will be allowed to share them or not. As far as I know, the drum sounds are sample based and I am basically sampling the drum kit presets that come with the default library (e.g. TR-909 Kit 1, etc.). I sample them with full velocity, and with no variations. I know that there are many 909 and 808 libraries around, but those are sampled from the analogue machines, not from a sample based machine. So are those samples in the JD-Xi copyright protected or not? Does anyone know how this works with sample based drum machines?

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ButI’d be careful - Roland is known to regard the samples as their property (the 909 is partially based on digital samples).

As a result, companies that offer commercial samples tend to process/layer them in some way, to avoid that they are 100% identical to the source.

The worst that could happen is that they’d ask you to take the files down.

But I guess you are less likely to get into trouble since (1) they are not ripped straight from the ROM and (2) you’re not asking for any money.

Thanks for the Reply Danoise!

(1) While they are not directly from the ROM, I do record the factory presets without effects, which are basically just some of the samples as they are saved in the ROM. I also record with the internal USB audio interface of the JD-Xi, which means that there is not DA or AD step in between. It all stays digital, so I guess my recordings are very close, if not identical to the ROM content.

(2) That probably does not matter for whether it is allowed or not, does it?

So yeah, still not sure…

maybe thing comes with a legalese section in the user manual or some extra paper…there could be a notion on whether it is prohibited to sample the beast. I think I’ve heard about such stuff in connection with a groove box, or some reverb box where it was prohibited to spread impulse responses from it, not sure about the details though.

with software plugins you normally would have that question answered in the eula. if you find absolutely no info, then I have no clou how the implicit handling of that question would be…

Did you finish sampling it already? I’m really interested for this one…

Add a little amount of White noise to every sample [~ 0.0001 db] = Vuala, it is yours. They can only take it down when the Meta data of audio files are identically in fit. Even the regular rendering process will change the Meta data in any file. Resampling \ Grabbing \ reusing from any source will change the Meta data also [the will look different on the spectrum] .