Sharing Renoise Songs

:unsure: Why is it that nobody shares their Renoise tunes so people can see how tunes are put together?

Back in the good old days you could load a Mod into Soundtracker and get ideas from other people’s work - it would be so cool if people did this today.

Also… does anybody else have BIG problems trying to download any of the songs on this site? I gave up a while ago.

this have been asked many times but if you think about that then you propapbly will realize why it is so…

its because people use many different vsts and if you load someones song into your renoise then there are very good chance that you dont have those plugins that where used…
it makes sense to share only sample/internal effects based songs, but how many of us do that nowadays?

Aha! Thanks for that. All starting to make sense to me now. :D

well, if you use render selection to sample then you might as well use render song to wav :P and import it back to rns as one big sampe ;)

the point that Sparky meant was i think to see how song is made, not just that it is with rns extention.

And sure you can compose without vsts, i said that earlier too, but there are very few people (if any) who waste such great opportunities that vsts are offering…

there are some RNS files on my artist page. This is what I can offer :)