"shells & White Ribbon" And "spires" (.xrns) (


Shells & White Ribbon (XRNS)

Spires (XRNS)

I’d like to know what you think of them please! ^_^

yeah… ive checked them both… i liked it, nice moods. got my head nodding…
pretty smooth sound for not using the mixer and fx at all. ;]

so yeah, good vibes but (as you probably know) a bit unfinished ? second one was my fav.

more please

I listened to both, and agree with p7 on most accounts.
2nd track is my favourite as well (first one being so short and all)

BTW: Since the first track use a lot of (identical) bus compressor instances, you might want to consider creating a send track, and using just a single compressor instead :)

Sweet! thanks for the kind comments. I’m looking to make it a lot longer! I just spent so much time making it as intricate as possible! haha. Hours in fact. I’m also trying to learn a little about melody because I’m kinda just experimenting at the moment.

Here’s another kinda ambient song… :D


And a little drum loop!

Drum Loop