Shepherds tone?

My tutor was showing me shepherds tones yesterday. Was wondering if any ones had a bash at making them or wants to ;) . I tried to do it in Metasynth but its not a legitimate copy and crashes every time i try and change the grid size in order to add more octaves. When i try it in renoise it just sounds bad. There is a click when some of the sine waves start again because of their start and end positions. So i imagine you would have to endlessly stretch and manipulate the wave form to get rid of the click which is going to sacrifice that pure smooth tone sound im after. Any ideas?

Not quite getting what you mean… could you explain in more detail please?

Well a shepherds tone as i understand it is layers of octaves all rising or falling and when combined give the impression that the tone is endless but never resolves itself. I imagine its easy to accomplish in metaynth as the tutorial i found was 2mins long but i couldnt go through with it because of the copy i have. The problem im having in Renoise is that every time the bars repeat the sine wave’s end on a different position to the centre point at which they start because reaktor starts its sine waves perfectly each time. So when the loop repeats itself it produces a click because of this jump in position. Which then ruins the illusion because it gives your ear a reference point for loop start and loop end. So to remedy that you would need to chop bits of the sine wave which ends up with a lot of hassle and the wave form sounding stilted. Hope thats a little clearer man. Cheers

oh… this thing

iirc on wikipedia it was described as “the audio equivalent of a barber’s pole”… quite adequately at that =)

Cheers. Id searched shepherd tone and gotten no results. Ill be a bit more thorough next time.

hehe… yeah, such effect was used in the mario bros. game on n64, when you’re climbing up an endless staircase that goes on and on and on and on and on… then you look behind you and you’re just at the start!!!

:D :D

oops, got postjumped, sorry i didn’t hit “post” a minute sooner heh :huh:

anyway, that example .xrns, feel free to change the (crudely made) tone to one that has more harmonics to it, that works better for this kind of illusion. Oh and for a “sliding” sound like 00.1 posted, try adding 0G10 commands in the effect column at the right of the track =) :wacko:

mda shepherd vst?