Shift Alt \, Toggle Auto Capture Instrument

I’ve looking for the button for probably 2 versions I think, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

capture instrument works, but not toggle auto capture instrument, shouldn’t auto capture instrument continuously select the instrument in context with where the cursor is? From what I can tell it is doing nothing.
also, is there a button hidden somewhere?

Options menu at the top of the screen.

I think the default keyboard shortcut for this has changed at some point? On my install it’s: [LShift] + [LAlt] + [#]

(I can’t remember ever changing it, but who the heck knows what I might have done while drunk one night, hah)


I’m beginning to think this is broken, or doesn’t work the same way anymore.
This thing use to be a real nuisance but I’ve grown to like it in a sense and I want to use the feature with the loop point for OSC script.
So it will grab whatever sample is playing in the track and mess with it’s loop points.

if I select a track with a bunch of instruments in it, the cursor in it, with focus in whatever default state.
Is the auto capture instrument supposed to select the samples currently playing, or am I totally off?

Firstly just to check, you haven`t got my alternative auto capture running which may cause some unexpected behaviour here?:

If not, renoise`s autocapture should capture the nearest instrument from the column you are on. The capture is initialised when you move the cursor manually and not by the song playing.

Ledger, not related at all to your tool,
it seems I just forgot how auto-capture actually works,
and possibly having troubles turning it on.

Your tool there looks pretty interesting,
I’m going to need to have a look at it.
thanks for mentioning this! :)

I think I’m going to have to figure out how to do this with an OSC function or scripted tool, and just access it directly.
Something about the keyboard bindings, I think renoise is getting confused with all the different types of keyboards.

I never used this function before but want to use it now because I want to get my whole live set into one file, thus needing to control different sample slots.
I figured that it works per pattern. maybe this is why it’s now called “auto capture instrument from pattern” instead of “capture nearest instrument” (if I recall correctly)