Shift-Drag From Diskbrowser To Sample Keyzones = Overlap Mode

If I pick 5 samples (5 melodic samples, all at C-5 (as an example)) and shift-drag (f.ex.) them to the Sample Keyzones -window, this Shift-dragging could tell the Sample Keyzone that these multiple samples are to be put to the same lowest-pitch + highest-pitch. This would enable one to quickly load a load of same-note samples and immediately start going all multitimbral on Renoise.

i suppose this could somehow be done via scripting, right? or?

You can ofcourse always rearrange notes to do the overlapping after the loading.
The only pity currently is that the API doesn’t support an is_selected boolean for the keyzones (or the samples) this would also make it easier to script stuff targeted to selected zones only.

I wished I had that when I was trying to do a XNRI with a 100 samples instrument last week.