Shift-E 3 Deck Dubstep Mix

i just thought i’d share this mix a friend of mine did on here, which i’m hosting on my site:

the style is upfront dubstep, but with some more subtle bits in the middle. he’s been gradually making his name in the DJ world, mixing a lot of hard-trance/hardstyle etc. around brighton and london. his uk garage and grime mixes blew me away when i first heard them, they remain some of the best i’ve heard in the genre. anyhow, he’s recently turned his skills to dubstep, and this mix is pretty good i think, if you like this sort of thing you may enjoy it. i thought it was better than caspa & rusko’s fabric mix which everyone raves about anyway (though, fair play they made the tunes). i have the fortune that he’s playing this 3 deck set live at my night on saturday, not that any of you live in stoke. but if you like dubstep check this mix out. if there’s any interest i can post a tracklist and some of his older mixes too, links to his pages.

oops that’s abit high res


  1. Doctor P – Sweet Shop
  2. Caspa – Riot Powder
  3. Plastician - ??? (White Label)
  4. Marschmellow – Mess Around With Me
  5. IMP Batch – Fusion
  6. FSTZ – Bumble Bee Deluxe > Wiley – Gangsters (double drop)
  7. Nero – Act Like You Know (Dubstep mix)
  8. Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky (Crissy Cris remix)
  9. Tom Piper & Nick Corelli – inDisco (Bar9 remix) > Musical Mob –Pulse X (double drop)
  10. Marlow – The Rope
  11. Benga – Technocal
  12. Skream – Trapped In a Dark Bubble
  13. Hatcha v Lost – Scrubber
  14. Kloke – Aquarius – Basement
  15. Appleblim & Gatekeeper – Tomb VIP
  16. Kidnappa – Champion Dub
  17. Bogeyman – Guess What, Snot
  18. Off Road Recordings - ??? (White Label)
  19. Dubkinetik – The Rush
  20. FSTZ – Witness The Day
  21. F-One – Bodywrap
  22. Doctor P – Gargoyle
  23. 16 Bit – Jump
  24. Don Goliath & Daddy Freddy – When We Play (Remixed by Fused Forces) > Allstars – The Set (tease)
  25. Noah D – Seeeriousss
  26. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa remix)
  27. Eddie K – The Shivers
  28. DJ Hazard – Wicked So > Crazy Titch – Singalong (acapella)
  29. High Roller – Blood Curdler
  30. Ed Solo – Watch Your Eyes
  31. Error – Hortif
  32. Chasing Shadows – Ill
  33. Septic Insurgent – Eyesdown
  34. Noisses – END OF

Does Tipper know you’re using his artwork :P

'pon the download.

haha, i wondered if anyone would spot it. last time i nicked hawkwind’s space ritual cover art. i used to do my own drawings for these posters, i just don’t have time anymore…

and besides, it’s not like i literally nicked tipper’s car. i’m sure he’d be flattered. also, in a way i wanted to credit him to making pre-dubstep bass-fetish music, so in a way it’s a homage.

Downloading! :) Is there a tracklist available, perchance?

i`m downloading too, have a lot of dubstep mixes here. i´m curious how this one is :)

Anybody actually heard those cars in action? I know he took to the Miami WMC a couple of times and heard of him doing a few clubs with them in England many years ago. Can’t remember if it was meant to be 15k each or 15k between the pair they used. Fatness though!

tracklist added on the first post