Shift+Enter Shortcut to Insert Empty Pattern Row (to accompany Shift+Del Function)

I just discovered that pressing Shift+Del not just erases the note/data in the hovered (bright orange) pattern line in “Pattern Edit Mode”, but deletes the whole row and pushes all the notes underneath it upwards a single line.

It would be so nice if Shift+Enter would do the exact opposite and inserts a empty row at the hovered line, pushing the content of the hovered line a row downwards after one has pushed the shortcut.

This would be great to very quickly move and mangle a straight pattern without having to make selections and use the nudge feature and also would accompany the already existing Shift+Del function logically.

Shift+Enter doesn’t yet seem to have any function when pattern edit mode is active as well.


Edit: Also just realized that nudge works differently and pushes multiple notes into new note columns underneath the selection instead of just moving them down in the same note column.

you can set it up that way if you go to

edit - preferences - keys - pattern editor - insert/delete - insert new row …enter ‘shift+enter’ under ‘new assignment’ and press the assign button.

This ‘shift+return’ keyboard shortcut, which would be used in place of ‘numpad 0’ or ‘insert’ for ‘insert new row’ is a great idea because some of the cheaper (and weirdly at the same time quieter to type on) keyboards (such as cheap advent keyboards) do not come with either a numpad or an insert key.

I changed my ‘insert new row’ to ‘shift+enter’ after seeing this post. good idea

so now i can use my almost silent advent keyboard alongside my logitech silent mouse and wont have to keep reaching for my ‘exibel’ wireless numpad

Thank you Garrett! I wasn’t aware of the feature.

After trying it out I actually came up with a more nifty new feature I would call “Zoom Insert” or more boring “Increase Pattern Length at Hover Position” that does not just create a new line in the pattern at the hover position, but also increase the length of the pattern by 1 at the same time.

You could use this quiet cleverly to increase the resolution of only certain Parts in your Pattern in Combination with the ZL FX Command (Change LBP Setting) without throwing off the Bar Length.

Let’s say we’re making House or Techno. You set your BPM to 130 and your LBP to 4 and your Pattern Length to 32 to make a very basic 2 Bar 4 to the Floor Drum Loop, but want some weird 32nd High Hat action in the second to last section of the 2nd Bar. All you would have to do is insert ZL08 at the position you want to Zoom in, use Shift+Enter to "Zoom Insert ", insert the notes and then at the beginning of the last Section of the 2nd Bar you just put LBM back to normal with ZL04 to zoom out again.

Now you got a compact pattern with a complex variation without having to increase the vertical resolution of the whole pattern and more importantly without having to do any “How long does my Pattern have to be now to still be 2 Bars long if I only want to increase the resolution of this one section?” calculation.


you should check out the phrase editor, sounds like exactly the kind of thing you mentioned (you can use different LPB to pattern editor)

The thing is I don’t really like switching windows, what I love about trackers is that it’s all “just there” (using phrases you would first need to select the part, copy, expand, delete in main pattern, insert the phrase, just to modify a basic rhythem that you have played out).

Maybe this would be better for the advanced actions tab in combination with a selection? you could just select a section, press the 2x Zoom Button and Renoise would automatically enter the necessary ZL Commands at the beginning and end of the selection, expand the existing notes and double the lines.

This could then be mapped to a shortcut :slight_smile:

I think I know wht you mean. you want to change ‘lines per beat’ more quickly?

I will make a little mockup tomorrow, it’s really just a chaining of already available functions and not a change to how Renoise works in any way.

basically you would quickly change LBP(x2 of original) and back to LBP 1x at the end of selection very quickly
and also 2x the lines and adjust the pattern length to still have it be a 1 Bar Loop.

Imagine a simple 4/4 Pattern that forms the basis of your track. `

BD o - - - o - - - o - - - o - - -
SN - - - - o - - - - - - - o - - -

you could just very quickly now insert a 32nd drumroll between the last two BD Hits with this feature while still having it be a 1 Bar 4/4 Loop after having layed down your basic rhythm structure. the BD still hits o - - - o - - - o - - - o - - - just the resolution doubled for one section so your tracker grid/table looks a bit warped but playback would not change since the playhead also increases 2x in speed while over the section that has doubled in length. hope I could make it clear

BD o - - - o - - - o - - - - - - - o - - -
SN - - - - o - - - - - - - o o o o o - - -

Of course this could be used for very IDMy stuff without creating miles of vertical space between your basic beat by having a very high LBP for the whole pattern.

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