Shift+keys To Play Selection

I’ve got idea about improving a bit sample editor ->
can you implement SHIFT+Keys to play sample selection on different speeds instead manually enter note key or change its speed with mouse?

this will help and speed up working with samples a lot :]

maybe this would take too much shorcuts away

yes but shift + keys isnt used for anything. so why not play selection [as you play any sample on keyboard]?

actually, shift+keys is used to play chords: try going into edit mode (ESC), then keep shift pressed while playing some notes…

AMAZING!!! I didn`t know about this! Perfect!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

would it be possible to map “play selection” to middle button on your mouse? as far as I know, it’s not mapped yet, and it would be nice, because you mark the selection with left click, you can edit the selection with the right click and you could play it with middle click :)

your idea is nice too! I like it :) Can`t wait new beta to play with :]