well, since it’s been a while since 1.5 came out, i guess it’s about time 4 me to make some requests. :)

in protracker, when you were entering effect commands (the cursor was not at the beginning of the track, where the note goes in), if you hit shift-tab the cursor moved to the first row in the same track not to the previous one.
would it be possible to add such an option?
i’m using renoise a while now, and still can’t get used to the way it is right now.

another one:
the numpad! i really would like if the number “9” would still be used for selecting an instrument.
i know there are only 8 slots in the instrument window, and which instrument should the “9” be assigned to!? but as i see, there might be room to squash 9 instrument slots into the current 8. would really be nice too.

and an addition to the context menu in the sample window: would be nice to right click on a sample and in the context menu to have an option to “save instrument” and “save sample to file”

ok. that’s it for now. more to come. :)

keyjazz switch smiley

about shift+tab: can’t you just use the keyboard mapping feature to customize the behaviour the way you want?

This cannot be made for your numpad9 issue, because there is no SelectNinethInstrumentInPage keyboard operation

My thought too, but I looked in the help but couldn’t find it. Maybe I missed something?

thanks. i’ll have a look at the keymap feature.

edit: ah, i guess you got me wrong here. i don’t want shift tab just to jump to the beginning of the track. i want it to work the way it is, but if you are on the fx-column it would be cool if the first press of shift-tab would bring the cursor to first column of the track it already is, not to the previous one. than by pressing again, it should cycle through the channels. it’s the way it’s in PT.
i’ll have a look at the keymap though. maybe it’s there, and i just overlooked it.

and for the “9”: it’s not THAT much of an issue, since i can remap the key for controlling something else, but would be nicer to use it for selecting samples. :)

ok. now i checked the keymappings.
there are two commands for jumping tracks.
they are originally assigned to tab (+shift=reverse) = jump next/prev notecolumn
and ctrl-tab = jump one track fwd/bwds

the behaviour right now is the same with both options, BUT…

if i have more than one notecolumn in one track, renoise behaves just like i expected. if i’m in the effect collumn, pressing shift-tab brings me to the prev. notecollumn in the track i’m in.
which is kinda logic: “jump to previous notecolum” should really jump to the previous NOTECOLUMN. the way it is right now (with just ONE note-c in the track), it’s more a jump to the pre-previous notecolumn IF i’m on effect-col. (bug? kinda…)

man, too much “notecolumns” been written in this reply :blink:

Then I vote for a change on this too. I’d say that in the majority of cases, you want to jump to the current note column, not the previous one, when shift-tabbing.

Check the Keyboard Assignments section.

it’s what i did.
leading to the post i wrote two posts above.