Not exactly my greatest work. More of a song I just made to test the Reaper-Renoise-Rewired workflow. Sequenced the drums with Renoise, recorded the guitars in Reaper.

Sounds like the test worked.

Hi there,

nothing to be ashamed of, had fun listening! Feels like a nice jam.

I am thinking of similar stuff, although, no guitar available at the moment, just my lovely Mango (yesss, it’s a ukulele :D).
And I am also working on a reaper/renoise workflow.

Most annoying, I am so used to the spectrum analyzer in renoise, did not find an alternative for reaper yet. Can you recommend something?

I found that annoying too, what I ended up doing was using the JS: Analysis/gfxanalyzer (it’s included when you download Reaper). I put it on the master track and pulled it over to my second monitor and resized it. That’s the advantage over using that over a VST, is you can resize it. Anyways it’s not quite the same because you can’t just click on a track and get a different colored line for that track, but it’s better than nothing.

Actually, try this instead. You can monitor multiple tracks Renoise style with it.

Hi Carbonthief,

thanks for the info! The spectrograph is actually quite nice, especially, it is open source and multichannel.
DarkStar from the reaper forum pointed me towards this one: Voxengo SPAN

Here is also a nice tutorial, how to set it up. As a total reaper noob, this was quite usefull:

The JS one is also nice, unfortunately, it is not multichannel. Perhaps I’ll try to add this, in a quiet minute ;)/>