Shit Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

tune into 90s acapella

that second girl from the left on the top row may blow my mind anytime she wants B)

You can send the rest of the top row to my mind blowing room. Just back from ‘tha club’ and heard almost half of these tracks. nice

I’ll take bottome middle. So sexah

Putting in my own tapthat vote – second down on the left. Mmmmmmm hm.

Shit songs covered by mediocre singers. Big fucking whoop.

Or maybe you should organise something better yourself and show them how it’s REALLY done.

great stuff. dunno what that other chap is on about - the singing is rather good… :)

i think it is pretty cool indeed. always amazes me what people can do with their voices.
about the (shit) songs: they’re crappy-ass 90’s stuff, but that is exactly what is so appealing about them. Sam must not’ve been young during those days, otherwise this video would’ve been good-memories-stuff for him as well.


also; say what u like about 90s music but u can’t beat the bassline from all that she wants, its pop genius :slight_smile:


I was EXACTLY in the right age group when this stuff came out, but back then I was into other bands and other music, mainly hard rock and metal, then The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. Basically, if the twats in my class liked it I was bound to hate it. Also, I resent the idea that you can’t criticise something unless you “think you can do better yourself”. That’s bullshit. That said, I’d never talk to a fellow Renoiser that way about their music. Constructive criticism is the way to go in the song forum. This, however, is the off-topic section and I’ll bloody well say what I like. ^_^
Also: the tenors singing lead are singing out of key. Occasionally.

EDIT: an example of an a cappella group that know their shit:

And no, I don’t like Lady Gaga either.

@Sam: ah yes, that was the 2nd possibility for your reaction - i made the wrong gamble :)
let me get this straight though: i do not ‘like’ these 90’s song in a way that it is good music or anything. actually, it is very crappy music. but crappy can be funny, especially when paired up with nostalgia. that’s the whole reason why i’m enjoying 90% of these songs (and the other 10% i actually think is really good)

And I was being a bit of a bastard. Sorry about that. Bad hangover.

This has to be one of my favourite acapella pieces. Although fully voice not sure acapella is really the right word though…

Was another cool one I came across a couple of years ago, fairly similar to the original post with lots of classic tunes done in acapella medley. If I remember it was recorded performed on stage but I may be wrong…

thanks kazakore, that was awesome.

A bit of searching and I think I’ve come up with the answer. It was The Voca People. Don’t know if these are best videos but longest (although from a Israeli(?) TV show has a medley performed on it. Probably better versions out there) and a Queen tribute medley.

Best cure for a hangover is Ace of Base - All That She Wants…just saying.

In fact, I made this for your next hangover and as a symbol of me retracting my ‘you do better’ statement. You are right, it’s the ‘off-topic’ forum. I still stand my Thumper’s father’s preachings though.


Reminds me, a couple years or so I went to see Rajaton singing Queen at the local theatre, awesome experience. Was so impressed I even bought two cd’s, of course cd’s are not making justice to a live performance but in case there are Queen fans, check this out: Rajaton sings Queen with Lahti Symphony Orchestra

Tee hee - I like it.

Meh, I prefer throat singing.