Shitty Mix Competition

Deadline: March 1, 2010
Theme: Horribly mixed/mastered songs
Required Format: mp3
Judge: Yours truly

K… what I want you to do is go through your folder of songs you’ve composed in Renoise, find 1 or more complete songs that have a good composition but a shitty mix, render them, convert to mp3, and post 'em here. I want complete songs… preferably ones you like, but are just disappointed with the mixdown.

First place prize
The use of your winning track into a mixing/mastering competition I will be holding on these boards at the begining of March… which you will be judging to determine who’s produced the best mix + master of your track!

Second place prize
A less spectacular “byte-remaster” … I will pull off one of my controversial (often hated, sometimes loved) mastering (read: often practically a remix) jobs on your track … with the added stipulation that I get to use the before/after in my online portfolio :P

Both winners will have to send me rendered multitracks in .flac format, so be prepared for that inevitability.

Interesting competition! I might compete with something older than Vivace. :)

As for the upcoming competition… won’t be very hard with LOFIMAT on the MASTER ;)


I think anything I wrote before I got my laptop and Renoise 2.1 came out will easily fit into this category (although my programming isn’t/wasn’t amazing either) so sure I can enter something :)

That’s the worst one I have. I never managed to make this sound atleast a bit right.

w00t! \o/

i’m quite happy with this song. but it’s let down by the muddy mix…

Macready’s choice

haha. thanks i think ^_^

I M Butterz
an old one…never happy with the production :(
I’ll post some more up definitely when i be home.

So how many songs are we allowed to enter? Just went through mine and found a few I still have all the plugins for (a fair few used Waldorf D-Pole which you can’t get any more but I liked the filter and the overdrive on it.)

//find 1 or more complete songs that have a good composition but a shitty mix, render them, convert to mp3, and post 'em here.//

OK gone through my old tracks from when I was using a desktop that never felt powerful enough for me to do much real mixing (or maybe I was just too lazy!)

First one uses dBlue’s glitch and was written with a different version so doesn’t sound quite right. May be worth removing entirely…’t%20touch2.mp3

Another three that could all be far better.

May actually have a go at them myself in stale moment. Have now separated them all into a new folder so this thread may already of helped me. Nice one :)

I think I can win. Oh no, you have written “good composition”…


11 entries so far

I’m amazed at how many people don’t want their songs mastered for free :P

I just saw this now, and since the deadline’s today, I might as well enter!

I made this track for SDCompo 32, before I knew anything about mixing/mastering, so it’s very raw.

I’ll give you guys till 8 hours from this post ;)

I would’ve entered more, but i didnt expect to win and most of my tunes require BANAN A(ss) PLUGS! :blink:

EDIT: ahhh, what the heck! eh?

edit: ahh, and another ;) …eh?
This one has some seriously huge subs which you might have fun carving.

kudos to you byte for throwing this comp and providing all us amateur ears an opportunity to hear our songs sounding bang tidy!

or Broadcast :P