Shitty Rave Music Compo

Hey. I think it would be fun if somebody put together a compo based on this YouTube video. And only samples from this video.

Rollins can eat a dick.

Let’s make some Jungle-Trance-Hiphop-fuckinshit music and shove it up his ass.

BTW am I allowed to curse on this thing?

What’s the prize?

Wow. Just wow.


Can someone rip the audio and post it? I’m on my phone so can’t do it.

I’d be up for it if you could just incorporate it into a tune instead of only use the video.
“Save file to your PC: click here” bottom of the page

[edit]^^^curses! :)[/edit]

Here ya go: Henry Rollins Talks Shit (it’s a mp3 @ google docs)

Have fun!

(i might actually have a bash at this meself…)

oh…look…it HR himself --> :clownstep:

two links are always better than one :)


People in the crowd who laugh must be on drugs !

About the remix, seems like some artists already done it >>

But I may give a try :)

there is a grooverider remix on one of the rollins band albums. never heard it, just remember seeing it many years back and thinking “grooverider???”

Rollins is becoming a grumpy old man.

Take your drugs children, before you become like Rollins.

weird how that happens to people when they get older… they just lose perspective and can’t see that they are like the people that used to diss their own stuff (in this case punk rock).

i guess that’s what it means to be come part of the establishment.

Just saw that there are only samples from the video allowed m( I’ll share my track anyway. It’s bedtime in germany, so good night everyone…

Added an amen using my ‘artistic licence’, I think Rollins would have wanted it that way.