Shocked And Confused!

Just found out today somebody I know has been arrested for murder.

Not much doubt he killed the guy, handed himself in in Devon over a week after putting the corpse in the airing cupboard of his flat in London.

Obviously remains to be seen if it was murder, self-defence, an accident or whatever though…

Guy was a bit of a oddball though. Guess what you could call an internet hardman. Always coming across as Charlie Big Balls, always purposely winding people up and being as much of a C&*t as possible, serial troller on forums - but always seemed as meek as anything in person. Heard stories about him seriously ripping people off in real life though, his old crew from back home not wanting anything to do with him any more, and some would definitely say he had gone far, FAR to far in the virtual world of the internet with people too.

Always thought he might be a bit of a sociopath but never expected anything quite like this. And not only because he’s a pasty, scrawny little so and so…

Probably shouldn’t be sharing with you guys but nevermind… Anyway if I make any terse or off the cuff comments I apologise, feel a little dazed and confused to be honest, even though I couldn’t say I was really that close to him.

yeah , I used to be in seascouts ( boy/girl scout sailing stuff and drinking etc…) long time ago , and there was this kid , actually a real nice kid , everybody seem to get along with him , didn’t cause any major trouble …just the average kid you know .
Years later I heard he was sent to jail , during his studies/college years, his upper neighbour was playing her music way too loud , he couldn’t bare it …so he slashed her throat .
No kidding …

Really sad.
Im not telling that someone would become a serial killer for being too match time in the internet and playing games.
But I recommend to everyone, go outside and run 30 minutes, its very nice for your brain.

Not running but my curent outdoor project for when the weather is good enough to be out there: (Sorry can’t be bothered to resize image but at least forum does once loaded.)

I also had stuff like this. Though it was usually with things like cancer,death,accidents - not murder. I kinda know what that shock means. From one point, I didn’t even give an eff about those people. But as soon as you get to know that they have hit a grand life bend. :mellow:
Hope you get through it fast. Usually I begin deconcentrating, daydreaming - stuff like that. But nothing helps more than some stupid EPIC FAIL vids from youtube. :lol:

I 'll begin preffeirng headphones to my speakers now. I always had this suspicion about that guy below me. :blink:

Wow… I think I’d rather know the killer in stead of the victim though.

What a coiincedence , I happen to live on a sail boat right now ( electricity and internet ) …, I just have to put my head out and and see some ducks , in fact I think I ’ m gonna wake them up right now .

kazakore & gentleclockdivider, cool!!! I want a boat!

Been reading BBC lately?

Mmmm no : ) I love to go outside and run, camp, etc.
For anybody who makes exercise is pretty obvious that is a good thing for the body & mind. Nice to have a cientific backup jaja.

Slogan of the day:

Don’t sit in front of computer all day and become a serial killer, go outside and become a victim instead!

Fuck me! What a shit month this is turning out to be!!!

First this.

Then yesterday I went to Bristol for a funeral of an old friend taken from us far too early in a bike accident. RIP Dan.

Then log onto my computer at work and first thing I find out is another friend of mine in his 20s has died. Suicide by the looks of comments from friends. RIP Matt.

Hope it’s not an omen for the rest of the fucking year!!! :(

Damn, I’m sorry mate :(

@kazakore: some serious bad luck there, sorry to hear about it. and what are the odds? damn. good luck with that.

Ah, seems like you’re being a magnet for unfortunate events these days kazakore, all i can say is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.