Shockwave: Live

mrblitz: vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Trent65: drums

Princess Singer 8:52
Raven Witch Woman 7:16
Vision of You 7:10
I Saw You in a Dream This Morning 4:25
Angel of the Mercy Killing 5:28
Scrapyard Smoking (RWW Reprise) 5:37

princess singer: ‘focused and laid off’ the 'simulated feedback on the guitar.
raven witch woman: took a little bit of the ‘excessive boom’ out of the kick.
vision of you: boosted the 1st half vocals a tad. raised the guitar solo a smidgeon
saw you in a dream: laid off the vocals a tad. boosted the drums and guitar solo a bit.
angel of the mercy killing: ‘clarified’ the drums. upped the vocals a wee bit.