Short Breakcore Song About Wrinkly Animals...

So, I really really like wrinkly animals. Mainly I like the ones that don’t get much credit, elephants are a bit over rated.

So here it is: >> Wrinkly Animals (right click > Save Target As…) << :w00t:

All production in Renoise,

Other bits and shits at my website too :dribble:


Funn with two Ns.

Probably needs to be twice as long!

thats completely nuts, and I love it!
I also think thats exactly what you wanted to hear, right? :P

Nice track, sounds a bit oldschool to me. :)


rumbled… yeah… everyone does everything for attention.

Thanks for humouring me

I cant even tell if thats sarcasm or not…but, I humour you not, friend!
I love breakcore; heck, the first real jam I ever had* was breakcore about animals!

I’ll check out all the stuff on your site next month when I can download stuff again…

  • WARNING: links to really crappy music in no way connected with renoise! please do not discuss.

A bit light for “breakcore”… kinda zany… tis not bad I guess… needs more distortion or compression or evil or something

haha, wasn’t sarcastic. Just sayin… i like it, so my most primitive reason for posting it would probably be attention… :dribble:

…yeah… nah… i don’t know who decided that breakcore had to be evil and heavy…I don’t like them.
Maybe this is popcore then :panic:

Breakcore should not have to be evil. And a breakcore remix of popcorn would be fantastic.

Wicked stuff, really enjoyed that. Like the stuff we were going nuts to last weekend

haha, cool :)