Short Notes

Delay column is great but what about notes length? Shorter than a line?

This how it look now:

C-4 65 .. 34  
OFF .. .. --  

This how it should look:

C-4 65 F6 34  

I understand the problem. Actually, there should be something more consistent than putting an Fx command on panning column to indicate a note shorter than a line; of course, telling you should increase pattern resolution is not an acceptable answer

There should be complete new design of the current complete mess. But Fx is better than OFF in next line right now. It sounds like WTF when you listen what you just recorded. Of cource I could ask for a separate note-length column.

just like telling to buy another DAW.

Why not a 07xx-command in the effect column? Cuts off the sound a tad smoother than Fx in the panning column. Just a suggestion…

Fx sends Note-off to VSTi/Sampler.

…and 07xx is a track-wide command, so it would silence any other note present in other note-columns of the track

Ah! Didn’t think about that.

Oh well, I tried. :blush: