Short piano/breaks piece

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I like the composition and the whole ambiance, but for me that seems there are too much high or ultra-high frequencies on the mix, that’s disturbed me for listening with headphones.

Maybe it is only a personnal feeling, quite subjective.

hmm, could be. some people would slap a low-pass filter over drums like these, but i somehow find those lo-fi crispy sounds pleasing.

Yes I can understant the point of crispy sounds, also this make a sound really recognizable. I’ve listened on speakers and it sound more softer.

this music is tested with different setups, so feel free to try out :slight_smile: phone speaker, solid earphones, good headphones, top headphones, quality computer speakers, massive studio monitor speakers. credits to friends for letting me use their equipment.

each of them is mixed to show the base fundamental sound, but the varieties are worth exploring.

speaking of varieties, there’s a more refined mix of this track on my mixtape: Milkyheart's Curious & Compressed February Mixtape

Those drums are nuts! I like it.