Short Question About Shortcuts

Is there a shortcut or even a feature to fast-adjust volumes within a block in pattern editorn, like IT had in %.Was it crl+j or what?

e:It ws alt+j, but U know what I mean? Press a shortcut and voulmes are adjusted by % set from somehere or by hard-wired 66% which it was in ST I remember. Or then just halved or something. Or then set star and end volume of the block in %.

I guess there is not such a possibility, at least I did not find.

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no, there is not :huh:

some of us asked for such a feature, but this has not been implemented yet.

If you are using samples and not VST/MIDI instruments, you may want to add an envelope to the track volume for such a purpose (using the envelope with a VST/MIDI instrument won’t modify the velocity: just the volume)

err…forgot to mention that in version 1.5, Advanced Edit section, you can do values mul/add/sub/div by “any” value

sorry, this is because of the holidays break :P