Shortcut for moving to the next note column (skipping Instrument, Vol, FX) and track

simple feature, but it would be very useful if there was a shortcut for moving left and right to the next note column, automatically skipping Instrument Number, Volume, Delay, FX, etc. and one for next track

So you could simply enter a Chord by hitting : Q RIGHT R RIGHT Z for example.

I know you can enter a chord by holding shift, but I still would find this easier to try out different notes in different positions and moving around the grid in general.

Tab, Shift-Tab

Just hold shift while entering notes :slight_smile:
So, Shift+Q, Shift+R, Shift+Z

I know, but this is very unergonomical having to do everything with the left hand. it would be much easer if I could configure the left right keys for moving around and then could enter the notes with my left hand.

I would just like to see those two already available shortcuts be reconfigurable in the settings.

I know about Shift, but it’s only really useful if you already know what chord you want to enter. to then transposition the individual notes to try out different key positions you still need to move left/right again.

I don’t want to ask the obvious question, but why not navigate with your left hand and enter notes with your right?

Isn’t there a ‘Jump to next column’, ‘Jump to previous column’ in the keyboard shortcut pattern navigation assignments(?)

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You kids and your damn Nintendo… (yes, I’m joking)

because to move down a row I would constantly have to move my right hand between the qwertz position and the leftupdownright keys.

Damn, hold your horses. Didn’t find the option the first time around.
somebody please trash this thread.