Shortcut for song stop + audio stop

Pressing return to play a single line is a very helpful feature for composition for me.

But then I often would like to stop endlessly sustained notes using a keyboard shortcut, too. Currently there only seems to be a normal song stop available as shortcut.

So please add:

  • Shortcut for song stop and audio stop (exactly like pressing the stop button once)

  • Shortcut for midi/audio panic (exactly like pressing the stop button twice)

Thanks for consideration!

what’s stopping you from scripting these?

also, is there a lua api function on renoise for midi-panic?

Yes, because there is neither audio stop in the API nor midi/audio panic.

there is a transport:panic and i’ve been using it to kill stuff

function ImpulseTrackerStop()
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Oh wow, thanks, didn’t see that panic(). Now audio stop still is missing. But I will add this to tuned shortcuts tool.


stop playing. when already stopped this just stops all playing notes.

Damn, now the space key also works for stopping the notes after using return.

Please delete this thread, or I will curl up and die.

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why should the thread be deleted, it could be useful for someone else.