Shortcut Heaven

I’m sure everyone’s got their pet keyboard shortcuts, so I won’t list all of mine here. However I thought I’d share what I consider to be the single biggest improvement in productivity since I started using renoise.

Instead of using the cursor keys and tab key to navigate the pattern, I now use the numpad keys 4,5,6,7,8,9.

Numpad 5 & 8 operate as what cursor down & up originally did.

Numpad 7 & 9 is used to replace what the left and right cursor keys did (i.e. move in increments, to edit effect data).

The real novelty however is using Numpad 4 & 6 to move left or right a column/track. This replaces the old tab / shift tab. It’s great because one can slide their forefinger and fourth finger between the 4 & 6 keys and the 7 & 9 keys to decide whether they want to move across a whole column/track or just a notch to edit effect data. The 5 & 8 keys (using the middle finger) will function as up and down in both cases! It’s really convenient I find.

The tab key can be used for something else now (I use it for continuing a song from the current position). Also the cursor keys are freed up - I use those now for incrementing/decrementing the pattern number, and for going up/down the playlist. In addition to also, the numpad keys 1,2,3 are also free. I use those for cutting/copying/pasting a column (and the qualifiers Ctrl or Shift for cut/copy/paste with a track or pattern). It’s really consistent and easy to use.

Obviously the ‘downside’ would be losing the ability to select an instrument number from the numpad, but numpad -/+ are very almost as quick there. In any case, one could use shift or Ctrl etc. and then the numpad keys to replace instrument selection. Bear in mind also the numpad keys currently only allow for the first 9 instruments to be selected anyway.

It took a while to switch from cursor keys to the numpad for pattern navigation, but I’d never go back now. It leaves navigation to the right hand entirely, so the left hand can concentrate on entering actual note data.

What do people think of this new system? Has anyone else got any killer shortcuts they’d like to share?

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Hmm tried it …but then again you lose the ’ ctrl +cursor keys ’ for selection
ctrl + numpad keys ( which replaces the cursor keys ) for selection doesn’t work

Hmm… not sure why Renoise ignores the shift/ctrl key when it come to the numpad.

I suppose you can use Ctrl B and Ctrl E to mark begin and end selections (or use easier keys than those default…)

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Wrong subforum! You want “Tips and Tricks” ;)

Ah, but then how would my evil plan for the default shortcuts to be altered permanently come to fruition!? :badteeth:

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Sounds like a good idea. I might have to do something like that.

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This looks like it might make navigation more intuitive and faster. Is there any other possible downside to this other than losing instrument selection (- and + seem fine for this)?

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Hi Twinbee,

I am just curious, do you still use this navigation?

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Here a while ago, I changed the jump top next previous track shortcuts to F1 and F2. I still use the arrow keys for normal navigation though.

Have to say I never got on with the shift tabbing either! particularly as its such a regular operation.

Unfortunately it’s been ages since I’ve had a numpad. I’ve been laptop-only for about 10 years now.

shortcut schemes that are numpad centric (like fl studio) still mess me up =/

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There`s always the usb numpad if you want shortcut expansion:

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