Shortcut In Pattern Sequencer

hey hi again…

i was wondering if there is a shortcut
for checking the loop function in the pattern sequencer?

from what i see there is none but…yeah maybe some of you guys knows a way to do it!

PS. if there is a simple overview of all the tricks (like… 0exx=retrig=super killer for…)
it would be cool to see it…

kind regards.

ok sorry guys dont mind me!!! found the numpad button :wacko:

but hey there is another thing which i dont get…
my shortcut dosnt always work… some of them that is.

when i put my cursor on top of… for an example the loop button
to see which shortcut that goes for it the shortcut dosnt work…

can anyone confirm that not all the shortcuts works?

some shortcuts are “local”, not “global”, this means that they work as long as the focus area is on a specific part of the application.

see the focus concept for more information