Shortcut: Jump to next column/track

Hi, can anyone help me understanding difference of these options?
i’ve tried both and they show no difference. Both options behave exactly the same.
Screenshot 2022-08-27 at 22.47.26

i’d expect that shortcut - jump to next column would go to next column…
order example: press once to go - note, 2.vol 3.pan 4.delay 5.fx etc


Jump to next column will move the cursor to the next available note column. If the track that you’re in has only one note column, then you’ll jump to the next track.

Jump to next track will move the cursor to the next track. i.e. if the track you’re in has multiple note columns, it will move the cursor to the next track.

In some cases the behavior seems identical, but if you set up 2 tracks with multiple note-columns you should be able to reproduce what I’m describing.


There are 3 colums within 1 track:

If you select “Jump to Next Column” it will jump to the next column within 1 track.

You were faster. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for quick response, i was confused due to reverse (shift+tab) assignment which led me to believe nothing changed in reverse order - but i didn’t think about different shortcut for modifier+tab :smiley:

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