Shortcut to change instruments in a track

Hi all,

Is there a shortcut to remap notes to an other instruments by making +1 to the current instrument in the track? (a bit like changing notes with Shift+F1/F2)


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Have never done this myself, but isn’t there a function in the ‘advanced editor’ that takes care of this?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough, I was thinking of a keyboard shortcut. I am aware that this can be done using the advanced editor panel.

Unfortunately no, noadvanced pattern editor functions have keybinds, however, there are tools, look for Find and Replace.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

There are script tools that allow for changing selection to current instrument. those enable shortcuts.

but yes.

Change Selection to Current Instrument should be a Renoise Native Shortcut.

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