Shortcuts on a laptop?

I am new to renoise and loving it. The only thing that’s limiting me is that all the shortcuts to selects instruments and ovtave up and down are on the numpad. I know i can remap them but was wondering if there is laptop mapping somewhere that people use and everybody knows about.

Hi – welcome to Renoise! I 'noise without a numpad, and I use these shortcuts on my Mac:

⌘ + [ = Octave Down
⌘ + ] = Octave Up
Option + ↑ = Next Instrument Up
Option + ↓ = Next Instrument Down

I’m pretty sure these are standard shortcuts and not custom keymaps I made long ago and forgot about.
Pretty sure. :crazy_face:


Question was asked a few days ago


@James_Britt i was sure that i did reply to same topic, and could not find it at all. You’ve cleared my doubt, thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


what are they on windows ?

Under Windows (on the selection (1 or several notes)):

  • ALT+F11 = 1 octave down
  • ALT+F12 = 1 octave up

But I can’t find any default shortcut to change instrument…

Alt + Up / Alt + Down

Thanks. In fact I already know these ones (Alt+Up & Alt+Down) to select Previous & Next instrument in the instrument listbox.


I also know that we can replace source Instrument with destination Instrument with the remap function used on selection.


But I don’t know if there is a trick to modify instrument directly from selection with shortcuts? For example, if below I want to change intrument 01 with instrument 02?


I find this setting better for a laptop so you can use the right hand for modifiers.
I recently prepared my settings for laptop usage and was happy to find that many SHIFT keys are still available, as well as the [] keys as mentioned above.