Shortcuts Sampleslots

(maybe this has been suggested before, but I couldn’t find anything).

when working with multi-sampleslots instruments it would be awesome to have a shortcut for browsing through the sampleslots, to decrease the mouse-usage even further.

or, maybe: what if we had a “toggle follow slot-view” (or something…) so that if enabled, the sample editor showed the view of the sampleslot you were currently playing from with the keyboard?

ok, maybe that was a bad explanation. but picture you have an instrument consisting of 25 samples, and you want to edit them all in the sample editor (trimming, cutting, and even panning/tuning through the instrument settings). it can then be quite a hassle to manually browse through the quite tiny sampleslot window to find the right sample. if we could toggle renoise to automaticly view the “right/current” sample, it could save us a lot of time!

errm, do you know what i’m trying to say? :P

I do!! Good suggestion, I have some delays in productivity when trying to finetune breaks, or vocals spread over sampleslots, and this would definitely speed things up a bit :smiley:

Hmmz, try your scrollwheel above the sample-slot window… it’s still with the mouse, but it’s quicker than using the arrow buttons and click tyhe sampleslot.

yeah, scrolling in sampleslots work ok. But; when finetuning or doing something with the instrument settings it requires a lot of mouse movement, back and forth and back and forth etc.

hm, the better renoise gets the more we notice the small things :)
i’m spoiled. but thankful.