Shortcuts To Double/halve Col/track/block

I would like to see a pattern shortcut command implemented which allows one to double or halve the length of the current col/track/pat/block.

in the instance of doubling, blank rows are inserted between each row, and the expanded area overwrites the area below, if any.

in the instance of halving, every other row after the first in the desired area is removed. notes and commands are potentially lost.

it would be even more interesting than ITs implementation if columns and selections of notes or effect parms could be doubled/halved without affecting the surrounding data.

otherwise here is me hitting “ins, down, down” 256 times etc…

On the track you want to halve/double:
Hit HOME, Shift + Alt + Z
Then you hit ‘+’ which opens the advanced editor. There you have ‘Shrink’ and ‘Expand’ Functions. Of cause these functions under a short-cut key could be much more useful but at the moment I think it’s not possible.


if I had only searched the keyboard shortcut list for “expand” and “shrink” rather than “double” and “halve” :P

still; there should be the options to assign shortcuts for these.


Yes! Here’s to hoping that Taktik will eventually write LUA scripts for these functionalities (shrink+expand+mixpaste) :)

Hi protman,
I really like the idea of having shortcuts for these functions.
I’ve been using MIDI (routed through Bidule) to control shortcuts in Renoise for live use, and I love it,
but, well, it would be great to have more options too. :)