Shotgun Sound Effects All In Renoise

A follow up to the gunfight sounds I made yesterday, but this time with the project file!

The basic idea is to use DC offset to ping a sound (made easier with the instrument editor’s envelopes and such) and then mutate the sound with lots and lots of eq and various kinds of distortion. This was mostly done with modulating noise created by pinging the lofimat dsp. The cabinet simulators create some really interesting tones, the del dg-10 makes some particularly woody/plasticky sounding tones. You also need to make sure to use limiters because this can get extremely loud.

Play around with the parameters or try it out for yourself!

shotgun.xrns (1.0 MB)

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Awesome stuff here! Really liked the sounds in your earlier post as well. Love seeing what people do with the Renoise Native DSP (which is absolutely fantastic IMHO).

Would definitely like to see/hear more. I love seeing how people go about sound design. amazing how many ways you can use to get to a similar conclusion.