Should Groove Apply To Lfo?

Recently started playing with Groove settings. One of the first things I noticed is I seem to need to use half the BMP and double the LPB to get the groove over the range of beats I would of expected it to work (but that’s not really what this thread is about.)

So I’ve written the start of a track and wanted a trance-gate type effect (think that’s the right term) so I set up an LFO and a Gainer. Play and it sounds totally wrong, nowhere near equal steps for each cycle. This is being caused by the quite heavy Groove settings I have used.

I would of thought the LFO would be steady cyclic, irrispective of Groove settings. Does anybody else think it’s weird it isn’t or is this a desired effect?

Guess what I’m going to have to do is Render Selection with Groove off and turn it back on each time. Royal PITA when you haven’t finished putting effects and processing on a track as you have to redo it every time (also coming up with this problem with wanting reverse hits where I’ve layered samples but that’s not Renoise’s fault.)

Anyway I have uploaded an example of rendered with Groove on and off so you can see what I mean.

I realised after thinking about this is does make sense due to the way Renoise seems to work and the way the LFO is phrased.

I often have Pattern Follow disabled so didn’t notice that you will actually see the line speed changing/jerking if you have Groove enabled. LFO is done in a Line Per Cycle manor, so, as lines take a different amount of time when Groove is applied, the LFO will also take a different amount of time to complete a cycle (if it’s short enough not just to take the mean.)

Ideally it would be nice to be able to have a check box for each track and select whether or not Groove is applied to it (or even Groove Per Track, rather than just a Global Groove) as has been mentioned before. The option to have a steady LFO could be nice too, like the Delay effect (which you can switch between being time based or line based) so you could have steady LFO cycles on a track with Groove if so desired would be a great addition in my book.