Should I Bother Getting A Drum Machine?

I am just wondering if anyone else here uses a drum machine for their beats or just load individual drum samples I have seen an Akai drum machine for 70 quid but just wondering I purchased battery 3 ages a while ago but I don’t like it that much still having trouble using it like they have some nice samples there like glitch and stuff but I think using a drum machine would be easier as you have a better ‘hand on approach’ if you know what I mean.

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I own a couple of drum machines, and they are very handy, both as a sound source, and for acting as MIDI controllers. So you’ll kinda get two things for the price of one.
But check that it’s in a working condition first! I wish somebody had given me that advice before my first Ebay purchase :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother really. Renoise itself is ****ing excellent for making beats, and is way more versatile than any drum machine available for that price. You’ve also got a shitload of VST drumsynths to try out too. Check out drumatic3 or microtonic for instance.

If you really want a HW drum machine, it’d only be worth bothering if you got something particuarly tasty like elektron’s machinedrum - but they’re quite expensive.

try renoise

I own a Jomox XBase09, really nice to compose loops in, I cannot get that sound from any plugin. The XBase has a lot of parameters wich you can edit per sound, and these paramters can be set per step in the internal sequencer, much like the Machinedrum.

Offcourse the Machinedrum has much more patterns, paramteres and sounds, but isn’t analog, that’s why the bassdrums from the Machinedrum suck bigtime.

And to answer you’re question, YES! you should get a drum machine, but get a good analog one, then you’re shure you have a different sound then the samples you use now in Renoise. Buying a digital drummachine with pcm samples is not a good idea, afterall you can use Renoise for pcm/wav sampleplaying.

Maybe a Roland TR606, that’s a cool box and isn’t too expensive.

I think your idea of using a drum machine as a sound module and triggering the sounds in Renoise is a good one. I’m new to the whole production thing, but this is the way I intend to work. But you may want to look into the Linndrum II Analog which is coming out later this year. I can’t think of another drum machine I would want to work with in such a way. It will set you back around 766 GBP, though…

I have that model! So, have you tried using renoise as editor?
Just create a couple of CC devices to map the controls, and you can sequence the hardware while in performance mode.

Renoise pwns jomox built-in sequencer

Does anyone have a Linndrum machine? I’ve got samps, but I think they are pretty dubiously recorded…


Me have the Alesis MT32 - not a drummachine only sequencer wich looks exactly like a HR16 and also looks very much like an answeringmachine :)

What is it you’re rolling your eyes for? The bassdrum of the Machinedrum does suck, other sounds are nice though.

It’s just the way you said it:

“but it isn’t analog, that’s why the bassdrums suck”

… implying that all non-analog bassdrums suck, which is obviously complete nonsense.


Sorry, that’s not what I meant, I only meant that the bassdrum from the Machinedrum sucks just like bassdrums from most other digital drummachines. :drummer:

I could have probably chosen better wording for that, but whatever. The term “sound module” is actually reserved for immediate playback via an external piece of hardware, and doesn’t refer to using a machine as a source for samples, right? Because I was actually just referring to sampling a drum machine, then loading the samples into Renoise. That’s the best term I could come up with, but I don’t know if there’s a more accurate word for it.

And yeah, digital drums rock.

Buying cheap second hand gear is allways great fun, when you don’t use it enough, sell it and buy something ellse.

All freeways lead to rome, they say in holland. Some people make great things using only a computer, other people need to push some buttons and tweak some knobs to make something they like. You don’t know it till you try this out yourself. When you need to buy a piece of gear with a particular sound I think you will end up buying something analoge beceause you allready own a great piece of digital equipment that can make the sound of all that other digital stuff.

We should be glad everybody needs other things to make music. Otherwise the Roland TB-303 would cost even more as it costs now.

I think this piece of text will be of no help at all…

get the drum kit that comes with rock band for the xbox 360 for about 35 quid and use it with battery 3 - thats what i plan to do with addictive drums anyway - dunno how sensitive to velocity and the like it is but it looks pretty easy to ‘hack’ using midi yoke, rejoice and bome’s midi translater

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I didn’t mean that digital bassdrums in general suck. I just can’t think of a digital hardware drummachine that has a good bassdrum on board. If someone knows a digital drummachine with a good kick, I’d really like to know.

Oh yeah, before I forget: What is fallacy, does it come from fallus? :wacko: