Should I Buy Renoise?

Hey all,

I’m a DJ with a budding passion for music, but i have no way of expressing myself musically other than on the decks.

I would love to be able to produce tracks and have something to call my own. But i dont really have any musical engineering knowledge.

Someone pointed me in the direction of “Renoise” and ive heard some of the tracks that have been made using this program and they blow me away!.

Now, would i be able to pick Renoise up?, i have no knowledge what so ever?. But im very interested in using this, Ive tried Cubase and Fruity Loops but i just end up sitting there scratching my head since i have no idea where to start.

But im hoping the community here is easy on beginners!

Thanks for taking the time to read, I look forward to your reply


Yes, the community is easy on beginners (although browsing the docs or using the search function sometimes can’t hurt).

No, you should not buy Renoise.

You should download the demo (which is unrestricted except rendering to .wav), get hopelessly addicted, and and then buy it :)

Short answer: Yes, buy Renoise.

Long answer: The free demo is more than adequate (if not identical to the registered version) for learning how to make music . Download it, make a sincere effort to read the Tutorials Wiki and the In:Depth Zine, make a sincere effort to learn on your own by downloading beatbattle XRNS tracks and studying them. Ask questions when you are truly stumped as the community is one of Renoise’s advantages. Basically, buying Renoise is a sign of respect. It’s not expensive, it is worth the price, it can be used as a full production tool or just as a part of a bigger production paradim, and we don’t want it to disapear so we support it. You should too.


I bought it so I could render .wav’s, to express my respect I’m considering a sex change in order to bear taktik’s children.

But that’s not strictly necessary of course.

We are considering change of agreement terms to include that specific matter for the next release.

before you even download the demo, check out the video tutorials first. seeing renoise, and the renoisers in action helps you understand the program alot faster.

especially the beatslicer video.

then hit the demo, and you’ll be up an running in no time.

i didnt have any prior tracker experience either and it was a piece of cake after watching the tutorials.

and these lot are pretty easy on noobs,… apart from the soon to be mandatory sexchange mentioned above :P

Yes you should.

I bought it on a whim just after the 1.8 alpha became available for the registered guys.
I had no idea how to use it but just having paid for it was a big incentive to learn ;)

you can always use the vst plugin tape-it for exporting to wav.
oh and while im at it :)… use asio4all as asio drivers.

there you go, a fully working (non regged) renoise.


i have 2 renoise licenses myself :)


Don’t tell people that MLoN :confused:

Racc, it’s cheap as chips… just pay for it if you like it

Yes, buy it.

I say this as someone who has used Renoise (free version) for about 3 months, and have at last paid for it - the Render Selection to Sample feature opens so many doors, and also is great for reducing CPU load, as samples use much less memory than VSTs.


The only disadvantage is that bloated songs get recorded including hickups while rendering does not cause hickups in the renderingresults :)

:D …that was kore. And once again an example for an absolutely liberal and chilly mood which is really not given in many other software-dedicated communities.

Racc, I’d particulary go with the first two posts. Downloading the free version and asking the community is quiet a safe way. If anyone feels like not having time to answer “too frequent questions” he simply doesn’t need to answer. Others will do, so don’t worry about this either.

But the other thing I see is - no matter whether you use cubase, cakewalk or what - you should hang on a little bit. As a dj I would start playing a bassdrum first, then maybe add a bassline and then - that’s a beginners advantage - you become very creative. Mostly more than all the non-beginners.

From that point it’s no longer a question how you can move on. The question will be how you can stop. In fact, you can’t. But you have to reach this point. Bassdrum and bassline. Not much, right? ;)

After that you might feel like a “tracker” and you might enjoy getting in touch with other tracker musicians, you might get in touch with something called “scene” and once you want all this to live, you might want to pay 50 bucks for a lifetime of versions. I had licensed my copy in 2004. Now it’s 2007 and I’m still getting new versions for free. Zero. Just downloading every year a new licensed copy. But for now make a start if you feel like listening to your own bassdrum and your own bassline. :)

Yes. If you are interested in making your own music you should. Even if you use it for just two weeks and delete it, it will still make you a better composer. Buy it, learn it, use it. Renoise takes you to music from a different perspective than any “traditional” program or hardware. Renoise expands your mind…

its a very easy music- software.
try it.

its amazing. get the demo and learn it. some people (like myself) learn better when they buy it. thus i did, and now i can safely say that i know renoise pretty well. well enough for the interface to become transparent so that i can focus on the creative process unfettered.

best music production program ever!

hi crytek :)

If you buy it, you will get a wonderful sense of satisfaction when you learn all the aspects. You will be more motivated to stick to one program and your music will get better because of that.

correct, i didnt say it was perfect but for getting wav’s out it works pretty good.