Should I Get A Cardbus Emu 1616m?

The cardbus versions have been discontinued and I haven’t heard of any news on an updated version coming out anytime soon ( IE, Express card instead of PCMCIA ). I haven’t been able to find any cardbus systems on par with the 1616M in processing power or value. I know there are plenty of firewire and USB stations but cardbus is a format I especially need.

I’m wondering if I should spring for the 1616M or wait around for something else to come around, but since the product is discontinued, they’re going to get harder and harder to find.

Any advice?

I have one. They are great!

The software takes a few hours to figure out, but it is a voyage of discovery and it rules.

If you can get it working with your OS (XP or Vista), and you can get a good deal on it, get one. You won’t regret it.

Every review I’ve read for the 1616M was great and everyone who owns one says it’s the best for it’s value by far. I’m however paranoid that if I buy the 1616M, that an express card version will come out not too far or long afterwards. It would be just my luck that something better would come out after I blow a big chunk of change on this.