Should I get this mastered?? Part II

Its another Synth-Pop number…

Track is hidden at the moment, so its a url only

The Last Generation

Purpose of track? This is what i think really matters in terms of if you think it should be mastered.

From memory, your last inquiry of getting a track mastered, resulted in you doing so and be quite happy with what you received.

If you can afford it, I would say do it undoubtedly. Especially if it is for commercial release.

My 2 cents.

Its pretty much exposure for the artist - radio playback

ran it though some outboard last night in an attempt to home master it…

I like it, but I think the vocals need an extra dB or 2. The normal vocals, not the vocals with extra effects, sound a bit quiet on my laptop.

My laptop speakers aren’t the worst, but take my opinion for what it’s worth.

cool thanks for the feedback, it all helps