Should I Put My Song On Diet ?


Like if i were a worried father, i am thinking my latest project sounds too fat and should be put on diet for a healthy life.
Because it´s techno it´s expected to sound fat with punchier drums. But…

Currently i don´t have speakers, only headphones and MAYBE they are starting to die because i hear lots of cracks if i pump the volume, almost in the drum.

The drum and the bass go to a send track were they are equalized and crompressed.
The master track has got the following:
EQ10 (removes under 20hz and above 18500hz) + Stardust Compressor + URS Equalizer for warming a bit the sound

Since i don´t have speakers at the moment i need to confirm that sound is too fat or confirming that i punished my headphones to death and I need new ones.

Here you have the links, the song in OGG format (from a render 32bit arguru sinc realtime) and the XRNS project file:


Requeriments for the xrns are only a few (all free):
Ambience Reverb: Magnus @ Smartelectronix
Stardust Compressor: Arguru´s Stardust @
Synth1 Vsti:
The URS equalizer it´s not really important, only warms the sound, i´m trying to get rid of it

Well, turn on your speakers and tell me how it sounds.

…However i think my headphones are a bit damaged <_<

  • Klez

Necesitas unos cascos nuevos :D

Pues casi me es un alivio, porque ya me estaba rayando mucho por qué diablos me hacía cracks el sonido. Ya pensé que había algo mal en el master o el send track.