Should I upgrade my CPU for renoise?

Hi guys.

I’m getting more and more of renoise getting his cpu meter to 100% and making some bad noise while playing a song due to the lack of cpu power. The weird thing is that my stand alone cpu meter doesn’t report such a high cpu usage. How could that be?
Renoise is reporting a CPU usage of 60-70% with a few peaks at 100% while my cpu meter is between 30-50% with a few peaks at 70%
I’m wondering If I should upgrade my current AMD Ryzen 5 1600 to something like a AMD Ryzen 5 3600X. Would that get rid of the problem?

Your CPU should be fine. Please list the system configuration You are using for renoise.
Run dpc latency checker

Thanks for the reply.
Here’s my renoise config:

And my DPC latency :

I must say that I’m using vsti sound effects more and more in my tunes, so it can be that too?

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Yeah, probably the VSTi instruments- they suck up resources like nobody’s business!

You can raise the buffer size a little bit.

Unless you are monitoring realtime fx, raise the buffer to like around 10ms, it will make a big difference in performance.

neat, raising the buffer seems to do the trick. thanks a lot guys !

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