Should Renoise And Aodix Join Forces?

NOTE: Before you read this, realize that no disrespect was meant to Arguru(RIP) at all… in fact, I thought of this while thinking of all the great things he’d created over his lifetime. If anything, this is a whole bunch of wishful thinking on my behalf, and almost definitely a pipe dream… but you have to admit it’s a cool “what-if” ;)

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Now, I know this is a complete longshot… but is there any way that Renoise and Aodix could join forces, to make the ultimate tracker of doom? Aodix has a very nifty pattern editor that could solve issues like pattern zoom and the annoying requests for a piano roll, and I hear it’s got proper effect routing and such.

Mix that with Renoise and you’ve got the best tracker ever. Period.

… not that Renoise isn’t already, but you know what I mean ;)

With all due respect, this is in pretty bad taste.

Renoise was originally written from the code of another tracker called NoiseTrekker, made by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius (Arguru). The then unnamed Renoise project was initiated by Eduard Mueller (Taktik) and Zvonko Tesic (Phazze) during December 2000.

Fast forward, Arguru was the man behind Aodix.

fast forward, Arguru passed away a couple months ago. (r.i.p.)

There are, unfortunately, no forces to join as far as I can see.

I don’t know if it’s possible to join these two or not, but much can be derived from aodix and used in renoise. Aodix has a nice pattern editor indeed, both trackerily and musically.

Actually, I’ve known that Arguru had passed away since a few days after it happened… but after looking at the Aodix website, I got the impression that he wasn’t the only one working on it. Either way, my intentions were far from disrespectful, in fact, I started thinking of it because of the fact that he worked on both, and joining the concepts of the two would be a tribute to what he was trying to accomplish in the first place… but I guess I’ve offended… sorry :(

That looks like it could be sweet.

I would love all the features from this in renoise

do I need to broadcast a “we don’t need a f*cking pattern zoom in Renoise” video? :)

you don t need a zoom, but i need it. And most of people that don t use tracker , is because tracker is not enought accurate. I do “Speedcore” for 15 years, so i work with hight speed, and it will be userfriendly if i have a zoom pattern like Aodix.
I don t need a arrenger, and no more a audio recording( I use cubase for voice recording ) and other useless features.
I had a profesional use of Renoise. Not only for fun. Be Accurate is important on music.
If you don t wanna this don t says that it is useless.
thanx (Aodix best sequenser and arranger)

You must realise the humour in this, right?


thanks for your opinion, mourouche.

I also think accuracy is important in music, though I’m not a professional so probably my opinion counts less than yours regarding what is “useless” and what not.

Apart from what dblue already pointed out, I was just being ironic at kaneel, since he made a “we don’t need any beatslicer in Renoise” video.

Whooo boy.

Wow, your advanced “speedcore” needs for incredible accuracy blow my f****ing mind. Go listen to some Venetian snares, then talk to us about how unprecise trackers are. I don’t give a flying poo about your “professional use of Renoise”; your commentary is unfounded and uninformed. Tracking has any resolution you want within reason if you need it. Zooming patterns is just LODing long ass patterns with high speeds, which people have been doing fine without it making absolutely amazing music in complete happiness since tracking began.

Most people that don’t use trackers don’t use trackers because they feel it’s overwhelming and illogical. This is a question of production paradigm, not precision. Your lack of precision tracking is your own damn fault.

What you’re asking for is butter on fat. If you want to talk about what’s useless, let’s discuss training wheels for lazy motherf****ers. Thanks much. Go back to Cubase and your xtreme advanced speedcore of RAAAAGE if you can’t do what you need with 32 ticks per second.

Don’t confuse need to have with nice to have. Audio recording was a solid need to have. Arranger is a solid need to have. Your zoom lens of XTREME ACCURACY is fluff. Pure f****ing fluff.

You’re a big stupid doo-doo head.

Guys, calm down a bit. The importance of some features is different for everyone…

If you’re making tracks at a high bpm, accuracy will be less important. Zoom would be incredibly annoying, dont you know the 0Dxx command?

If you think 1/6th of a beat at 250+bpm is not accurate enough then you’re probably looking for excuses as to why you’re not happy with your production.

Alrighty, let’s talk some more about Aodix.

Nested patterns as implemented in Aodix remove the need for a seperate pattern sequencer, and they allow mixing of seperate patterns in a new one. That would be my nr1 idea to implement in Renoise. There’s so much nice stuff you could do with that!

For you it does, and for many other’s it wont … and so the story goes… :)
It’s pointless to discuss what it useful or not if each person just looks at his own needs and workflow.
Personally I would like both a sequencer and nested patterns inside patterns ;)

Of course, how can I not agree with that? I’m not expecting anything to come out of this, I’m just writing down what I think would be cool. Isn’t that what this forum is for?

Just for the record, I wouldn’t like it either if they removed the pattern sequencer bar. It’s just this idea that the possibility is there to do everything within patterns that is incredibly NEAT! ;)

^_^ I’m just pulling a few legs in here. Nothing personally.
Speaking of what you want and would find neat is of course legal and cool.
But telling others what they don’t need is something people should be more careful about.
Useless for you, lifesaver for me.

My primary reason for wanting zoom is so that when I’m working with such a high resolution, I don’t have to worry about my softsynth wigging out because it thinks I’m working at 400-800bpm… basically, it’s mainly for compatibility with other software/midi stuff. Also, sometimes I just wouldn’t want to be zoomed in if I didn’t have to be… it would be nice to be able to get an overview of a high detail pattern without having to scroll down 5 screens worth to get to the end of it. We have collapsible note columns and effect columns for the same reason ;)

… and nested patterns is the most kickass idea ever.

yes is joke arrenger is must importan
is just say anyone can say wat we need

i don’t need zom patern for speedcore (my label is onukore record)
but for other style yes i need it
peapole make hiphop (96bpm) dont want to works 192 bpm a freind say me that
is stuff like an other dont say is useless

sorry for my english

no violence is hollyday
and is easy to critisime on the net

i forget one think
i love you italien (dont scare i hav girl friend) lol

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