Should Undo Steal Focus?

Here’s a situation that happened in which my workflow got a little disrupted,

  • Switch to Sample Editor
  • Made several small edits (step 2)
  • Switch to Pattern Editor
  • Make Edits
  • Switch to Instrument Editor
  • Tweak
  • Switch to Sample Editor, Decide I don’t like the changes I made in step 2, start pressing control-z

The above workflow took about 15 minutes before deciding I didn’t like what I did, so I definitely forgot what I was undoing… If Undo could steal the focus and using those nice new orange corner borders, it would have helped me realize that I liked my pattern edits… but instead, I lost them.

Yes? No?

You can “redo” as well using ctrl-y to go forward to the position where you liked certain edit points.
Then copy the pattern to the clipboard, undo back to point 2 and then paste your edits back in the pattern editor.
It takes a while to get accustomed to the undo functionality and risking loss of changes you actually didn’t wanted to undo in the trajectory, is one of them.

Yeah, it’s definitely something I will get used to.

I just thought it would be a good idea to switch to Pattern Editor view when the undos take place there.

Not a big deal though.