Show contents of all sub folders in Disk Browser (like Bitwig does)

I’d add the behavior of browser to match like bitwig in the following aspect:
when you select one folder, in the bottom pane you can see every file within that folder and all subfolders altogether. Here are some pictures:

drdr1 drdr2

This would be ideal way to browse through multiple multi-sampled drum kit libraries to find the ‘perfect’ snare - just an example… I do not have to go manually thru like 4 subfolders in order to get snare, and repeat same for next kit and for next and so on… :slight_smile:

would this be a huge effort to implement or not?
Thank you @taktik

and ability to modify gui/theme more in-depth than possible right now. This would be so awesome - but not something that we cannot go on without


OTOH having to see every file and folder would make it onerous when you’re looking for a specific file. I put things in subfolders precisely to organize and limit what’s visible at any given time.

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when you have 5 drumkits separated into multi-velocity folders, for each individual item, how can you approach this?
when i need kick, i type kick, i do not open and close 10 folders just to find 1 kick, and where are other drum kits? :slight_smile:

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The way Bitwig search works helps a lot, because it can find stuff nested inside subfolders. I really enjoy it. I have about 200 samples downloaded from Splice and they are all inside several subfolders so it’s a pain to find more specific stuff. And I’m also too lazy to organize them. Luckly (or not), most of my samples are all in the same folder. The XO vst helps a lot but I can’t afford it.

Also, @James_Britt, you can still go through subfolders to find specific things. It doesn’t feel cumbersome, since there are two separate windows.


So long as there is the option to see just the current folder then yes this would be quite slick.


Just thinking that I rarely use the built-in file explorer. I more often use the Everything search app, find what I want, and drag it in. And that works if I want to drag in a folder of items into a single instrument.

However, if I want to drag in multiple files as distinct instruments then I need to go through the Renoise browser.

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Would be very nice if the search searched subfolders and not just the one it’s currently in.