Show Example Tools option gone?

I’m hopping back into trying to write a tool or two, and the “Show Example Tools” option is gone it seems. I used to use Renoise on Windows and now I’m on Mac if that makes any difference.

I can pull up the examples and whatnot from the actual tools folder, but I can’t fidget with them in Renoise to see how they actually work. unsure.png

8002 Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.37.15 PM.png

  1. Tools also have a disabled/enabled flag. If you open the “Tool Browser…” (top of this menu), you can disable/enable tools that are in the tools folder.

  2. If this advise doesn’t help, maybe manifest.xml got deleted by mistake from the tools folder in question. That’s much less likely, though.

I wonder what those example tools would be?

Perhaps these ones -XRNX Starter Packer for Renoise 3.0

But sounds like you’ve got them installed just fine, it’s just that you can’t “explore the code” ?

Then I guess you are looking to enable the scripting console: