Show/Hide sample number column destroys assignments in pattern


I much prefer using Redux like Renoise where I just load a bunch of samples and traverse this list with +/- … whichever is selected will be inserted at cursor in pattern editor - thats the essence of speedy tracking for me.

In order to do this in Redux I assume the ‘show/hide sample column’ button must be used? This was fine until i toggled it off/on which obliterated my instrument number assignments in the pattern!

Might be a bit of a bug there?


Just bumping this : HUGE BUG CAUSING DATA LOSS! :wink:

I’m really not sure i understand what you mean, but in Renoise you can load a list of samples as instruments, while in Redux you can only have one instrument loaded at any time. So the only way i can think of that makes it possible to have different samples playing separately in Redux is this instrument i made that has a macro that crossfades between 12 different samples. Then you can turn the knob, right click it and you have ‘assigned’ a new sample.
This version of the instrument crossfades, while you probably want a hard switch between the samples which i think should be possible with this version by zensphere

I don’t know if this is what you meant though and it may help if you mentioned your OS and which DAW(s) you experience this problem. Have you experienced it more than once or with different instruments?

“while in Redux you can only have one instrument loaded at any time”

Not sure that is correct.

This button makes the pattern (phrase) editor and sample list behave more like Renoise …

Behold! When engaged:

But when you toggle this off the information in the instrument number column is lost. This is a bug.

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Confirmed in Redux, and phrases in Renoise. I’m not sure this is a bug per se, but I do agree that it would be nice for the state of the columns to be kept when toggling.

A simple workaround is to duplicate the phrase, and to be mindful of this behavior for now, until hopefully the devs address it.

Oh I think it pretty much is a bug. The function of the toggle is ShowHide instrument column. Not ShowHide/Delete data in instrument column.

This isn’t simply hiding/showing the column, but tries to remap the existing notes to play what it played before.

This only works in one direction without loosing information in all cases: when enabling the sample column. Once the sample column gets removed, there’s no way to roll this back.

You can use the global undo/redo to rewind/undo this - as you can undo everything else in Renoise/Redux.

Good to know. Show/Hide would suggest you can merrily toggle between the two with impunity.