Show only Instrument Box - do not show Disk Browser at all

Some of us have completely and utterly given up on using the Disk Browser for anything.

So give us a way of showing Instrument Box + Instrument Properties, but without Disk Browser.
If I try to hide Disk Browser, then the Instrument Box is hidden, too. :frowning:



Also need this. I use Sononym and don’t need the Renoise file browser. The lack of a waveform preview is really cumbersome, so better to use an external sample manager in the end…

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Indeed, you cannot hide the disk browser without hiding instrument properties, too. But you can drag the parting line that you can find between instrument properties and the disk browser downwards, so that in the end the disk browser is almost gone. Just like this:

yeah and if you add all the possible instrument properties things, you can get a view like this:

but getting rid of it would be my preferred thing. within Paketti, i’ve got a script that loads a selected sample, or selected samples, from macOS Finder directly from within Renoise, processes the instrument and adds some specific settings to it. and therefore i have zero need for the disk browser anymore.