Show Only Used Automation

When editing alot of automation it could be useful to hide all non-automated parameters, to make finding the “interesting” ones quickly.

In the automation tab, a checkbox to the left of the searchbox , or even just on the parameter list context menu, would suffice quite nicely.

how about sorting, i.e. automated to top, thin line and not automated below?

Hey, that’s a pretty good idea. Yeah, I like that too. Even simpler. :)

I’d prefer the sorting, good idea. :)

I’d prefer the ‘hide inactive’ option! :P

What about “#SomeName” to show all "SomeName"s which are automated, or just “#” for all automated parameters? Thats quite easy to add.

That’s a good compromise.

any progress on that?

Yes, it wasn’t that easy. Dunno if this can be done for this release.

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