Show Parameters In Mixer...

Maybe some of you never use the parameters that’s visible in the mixer window. Maybe some of you always remember all the parameters that you map to MIDI encoders. Maybe even, some of you love to right-click on a device, point at “Show Parameters >” and click a thing from the list (long list if you’re a Hydra user) over and over again.

For the rest of you, now there is Show Parameters.

bye :)

Nice idea.

Does it always show all the above types? Might want to only show those that are MIDI Mapped but not Automated (via either patterns effects or envelopes.)

Nice, but doesn’t beatslaughter’s mixer tool already cover this?

i’ve just taken to using a keyboard shortcut script to create a vst/au effect or a native effect, and then disable or enable the mixer parameters i want shown. (mostly not wanting anything to be shown :) )

I thought there was something like this! But I couldn’t bother finding it. Here’s a explanatory screenshot for those unwilling to test it without :P :
2615 a.png
If you uncheck them all it will hide all params in the whole song (no track stuff, it’s always whole song)