Show Qwerty Letters In Sample Keyzone Tab

Inspired by Garageband:

2536 garageband_musical_typing.png

2537 inspired_by_garageband.jpg


I agree with myself here.

+1. Anything that helps remember where you are, helps.


Yeah! and make them move when you switch octave

good suggestion! +1

just a thought: anyone else who sometimes miss that you can’t see which pitch you are playing unless you are recording? (in the pattern editor view) am i doing something wrong?

That would be nice to have for vsti or midi synths, but with samples, you sometimes trigger sounds that aren’t necessarily in correspondence with the key you are playing (for example when the sound is a chord stab), in that case it could be confusing or doesn’t make much sense maybe?

I don’t mind it though as long as it’s optional.

Out look.